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How It Works

Is It Right For Me?
Integrative health coaching works for clients ready to make behavior or lifestyle choices that will improve their health. Clients who are committed to success in adapting new strategies for stress management, nutrition or a movement program will find coaching very helpful in formulating a roadmap for change. In addition, clients who are in a health crisis, major life transition or struggling with a chronic illness may use coaching to explore self care, interior balance and self management as additional healing strategies.

Coaching has been useful for clients in transition such as relocating, contemplating a new career or business, divorce, adjusting to a change in health or recovery from a life threatening illness.

How It Works
Coaching starts with one initial long session in which your desired states in several areas of a your life are evaluated including: exercise movement rest, nutrition, mind body connection, relationships and communication, personal and professional development, physical environment, spirituality. Powerful questions are asked about one’s personal vision for optimal health.

Follow up coaching focuses on areas that have been identified for an upgrade, change or improvement as part of your personal vision. With coaching, achievable action steps and a monitoring system are implemented to measure progress. Coaching helps you find and identify the answers deep within yourself.

Your coach will help you stay true to your own vision, values and goals as you move forward on to path to optimal health with your own personalized health plan.

Duke Integrative Medicine has found the most effective and efficient way to deliver integrative coaching is by telephone. Telephone coaching allows you, the client to be anywhere and access your coach on a scheduled basis without additional drive time, parking fees or navigation. For clients who live locally near Calabasas, California private in person sessions can be scheduled.

Your coach, Janet Solie is available during your scheduled sessions as well as responding to check in emails or text messages from you. Most of your coaching sessions can be accomplished in a 45 minute to one hour time frame except for the initial long session. Coaching can be scheduled as often as every two weeks to once a month depending on your preferences.

A complimentary consultation is available. See if Integrative Health Coaching is right for you. Call or email to set up your complimentary consultation.