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Health Coach Advantage Services

Health Coach Advantage Fee Schedule

The health coaching services I offer are my work of the heart. For years, I moved quickly between patients in a family practice setting never having enough time to really hear a patient’s story or time for the opportunity to brainstorm with a patient when implementing lifestyle changes. In my health coaching practice, I have intentionally made myself affordable for the majority of clients. I understand in this world that many helpful and sometimes necessary services aren’t covered by insurance. My services are priced for cash paying clients.

Private telephone or in person session available in packages of 6 sessions
Telephone coaching sessions for 45 minutes every two weeks with personalized email or texting check in every week.

Private mind mapping session
A one hour telephone coaching session or private session to discuss problem, goals or situation followed up with a personalized pdf client mind map.

Equine Assisted Coaching at Walker Horse Farm in Topanga Canyon   Services include 1 hour session with a horse exploring boundaries, grounding meditation, connecting with the horse and visiting other small animals on the farm.  This is offered both to adults and adolescents seeking equine assisting coaching.   This offered by appointment only.  

Workshops and Retreats
Mind Mapping From Medical Quagmire to Optimal Health: Serious health issues call for serious mobilization of your brain’s creative reserves.  In this hands on workshop, you will learn how to create mind maps for health issues that offer “big picture” insights of the moving parts for optimal management.

Community Health Education
Anti Cancer Lifestyle- Improving Your Personal Environment,  Using Psychology of Change for Successful Goal Setting,  Using Mindful Eating for Weight Management