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My words cannot show the depth of my appreciation for my health coach, Janet Solie, but here it goes:  When I started with Janet, I was like a ship that had been through a hurricane and was missing its rudder and the sails.  My ship was sinking, had lost its direction and likely would not right its course.  A poor outcome was imminent.  She righted the sails and fixed the rudder, and put my ship back on the right track. Janet listened, I talked, she helped me transition into the person I hoped I could be.  Together we set goals for my life and she helped me accomplish them.  Her expertise in health, nutrition, fitness and family matters were invaluable.  I forgot to mention I lost 35 pounds during the six coaching sessions!

Dennis, Calabasas, CA

I have been working with Janet for just over a year now, and what a wonderful journey it has been. After becoming an empty nester, starting menopause and having my Mother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I was struggling with gaining weight, a return of emotional eating and strong sugar cravings, as well as allergies and acid reflux. Janet, in her thorough, thoughtful, supportive approach, guided me through what I could do in my life to ease this transitional time. We started by working through an elimination diet where I found that I am gluten & lactose intolerant. This alone resolved most of my acid reflux and reduced my allergy symptoms to the point that I no longer need to take allergy meds – a first after years of relying on them. We moved from there to looking at how sugar impacts me and while I would get quite frustrated trying to eat/not eat/limit added sugars, Janet again helped me look at it as being my own study of one, supporting & encouraging me along the way, even as I floundered & anguished over it. I’m in a much better place there too and my weight has stabilized at a point that I’m content with and is fairly easy to maintain. Through bi-weekly phone calls and more frequent emails, I’ve learned so much from Janet including how to live and eat more mindfully which has become a wonderful and rewarding focus for me now. Additionally, she helped me find ways to deal healthfully with stress, relationship and other emotional issues, as well as making future life choices. I don’t know what I’d have done without Janet, and would highly recommend her and health coaching – it’s changed my life in so many wonderful, positive ways.

Ruth, Fairfield, CT

I don’t know what I would have done without Janet. When I had a recurrence of head and neck cancer, my world began to take a downward spiral, and I felt completely out of control. I was on information overload from doctors and other professionals and hard a very hard time of making sense of it all. Everything felt like one big blur. Then I contacted Janet and she helped bring calm to the storm. She helped me regain control and feel like I could breathe again. Step by step, we looked at my overall health plan. We mapped out a chart which included doctors, second opinions, support systems, and alternative medicine, exercise and lifestyle choices. By looking at the big picture, I could really see the active role I was playing in my health and recovery. It also helped me identify that there was an amazing team of people involved in my well being and I was not alone. Not being along is key. Janet helped me realize I had many tools and resources to pull from to get me through this. She has incredible knowledge, expertise and compassion which are exactly what I needed to help me get through this scary and challenging time. There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am for Janet and what she has given me.

Joana, Westlake Village, CA

Why does it often take a scare before we take our health habits seriously?  The ideal time to establish good health habits is BEFORE we get ill. But, for those of us who get the wake up call through a health crisis,usually good intentions to make health sustaining changes do not suffice.  Physicians can diagnose and prescribe, but they cannot engage in detailed questions about our daily choices that help us realize our good, healthful intentions.  That’s the work of a coach!  Someone to help evaluate the barrage of information about our specific health challenge, formulate goals for lifestyle changes that will lead to greater health and provide valuable input & encouragement along the way.  Janet has the medical background, training in integrative health, and personal experience to provide the best of what a coach can bring.  She has helped me orient to the best resources, equipped me to translate my good intentions into actions and given valuable feedback as I try to turn actions into habits for a lifetime of good health.  Physicians, family and friends are all important to overall health, but much of our health depends on the small, daily decisions we make.  A coach is uniquely positioned to guide and prod us with objectivity, insight and compassion.  Janet is excellent in this role and living proof that living well is both a science and an art.

Suzanne,Thousand Oaks, CA

After just a few weeks of coaching with Janet I feel like I’m making real progress. The sessions are encouraging and motivating. Instead of focusing on one aspect of health (i.e. food, exercise etc) there is a big picture approach with reasonable, attainable goals. I have a very hectic schedule so I like the idea of phone sessions. The emails in-between sessions have been very good for me. The coaching keeps me accountable. At first I was a little sceptical – I’ve tried so many diets, personal training, read many self help books, and so didn’t really know if coaching would make much of a difference. But, it has brought all of my other experiences together and is clearly making a big difference in my life.

Regina, Philadelphia, PA

I was given Janet’s Health Coaching as a gift. My health issues felt devastating and insurmountable. She has a deep understanding and gentle way of defining and coaxing out problem areas and then provides meaningful tools to move one forward through to a higher sense of wellness. Janet helped me work through my issues and gave me skills to use throughout my days. I am so glad I was given Janet’s health coaching and have continued to work with her for my continued well-being.

Elaine, Woodbury, MN