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Breast Cancer Coaching For Recovery

You never see it coming.  I didn’t and that’s what my breast cancer clients tell me too.  Breast cancer is a diagnostic ambush that leaves you grasping for answers, while facing a series of hurdles ahead. My role as a survivor and coach is to bring compassion, understanding and a plan for a new normalcy.  I am a kindred soul on the breast cancer recovery team.   I know the medical story, and the personal story and I serve as a translator, and collaborator.

Most of my clients are looking for some sense making to determine what in their environment is worth changing as they go forward.  New studies are released every day adding some confusion to what are the best lifestyle strategies for better healing and survival. As a physician assistant, I am always looking at the new breast cancer and lifestyle risk factors data carefully before implementing new lifestyle modifications in my coaching practice especially for my recovering cancer clients.

As a survivor and coach, I have seen many women with anxiety and feelings of loss after a cancer diagnosis.  Sharing their feelings with another breast cancer survivor lessens the burden.  If a client wants to talk about the feelings she is experiencing, there is always time in our sessions to listen.

After completing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, lifestyle changes that promote healing can be a wonderful celebration of life.   Most women enjoy the experience of intentionally eating healthier for themselves and providing better food for their families.  In my coaching, we look at resources for better meal planning and implementing an anti inflammatory diet.   Like shopping, I encourage my clients to get out and try new healthy foods in new places.   We look at and explore new kinds of exercise and movement that not only have physiological benefits but also reduce stress and enhance the mind body connection.   Often we bring in meditation or a healing movement like tai chi or qi gong as part of their recovery plan.  However the recovery plan comes together, the focus is the client’s INTENTION to change and IMPROVE her health now that she is a breast cancer survivor.

Breast cancer coaching helps breast cancer survivors implement new lifestyle priorities. If you or a loved one would like to try health coaching after a diagnosis of breast cancer, send me an email describing the situation.   You will receive my best coaching efforts to help you create your own health recovery program that focuses on new strategies and a personalized program.

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  1. Janet is an effective Integrative Health Coach. Now she is offering not only her expertise in health care but also her valuable personal perspective and experience to women who have received the diagnosis of breast cancer. Her coaching will help women with breast cancer gain new tools for navigating their way through the health care maze and encourage extreme self care.

    She has walked the walk and has much to offer others. I would send my mother, sister, best friend or daughter to her in a heartbeat if they were diagnosed. Then they would have a caring and inspiring mentor to help them with their journey to the best quality of life possible for them.

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