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Top Five Secrets of Slender Women

Top Five Secrets of Slender WomenMany women spot a slender woman and think her weight management must be effortless or maybe it’s just genetic. But that is far from true. As we age our metabolism gets slower and slower. Weight begins to creep up for ALL women unless we work harder on weight management.

Most of my slender clients are the first to say they weigh themselves regularly. Regular weighing in could be as often as daily to every few days. Being up a few pounds signals it’s time to practice early intervention. These women have evolved strategies to maintain or reclaim a thin state after gaining a few pounds.

Here are the most popular strategies as a coach that I hear over and over again.

Restrict certain foods from the house. Temptation leads to overeating. Cookies, candy, cakes, ice cream, sugared cereals, chips, and most crackers are on the restricted list. Women managing weight don’t shop the aisles in the grocery store that have sweet snacks, crackers, sodas and chips.

Meal planning moves from less eating out to eating in with an emphasis on lean protein, vegetables and limited amounts of whole grains. Meal planning and shopping are done over the weekend with a look ahead to what meals will work best for the upcoming week given the week’s activities.

After dinner is eaten at a reasonable hour, the leftovers are put away, counters are wiped down and the dishes are done. This routine is a ritual signaling that the kitchen is closed until coffee the next morning. They intentionally don’t snack after dinner knowing that going to bed without additional food is a victory of sorts in the world of weight management.

More time is budgeted for exercise. After dinner, a short walk helps with digestion and metabolism. Shopping and running errands are opportunities to park a little farther away and walk extra steps. Women implementing weight management strategies look for opportunities to burn more calories in addition to a regular exercise routine.

Portion control is managed at home by using small plates and ramikens instead of large dinner plates and bowls. If it appears full, you will feel fuller and less deprived. If eating out where portions are large, then sharing it, leaving it or saving it for another meal works too.

When I asked my massage therapist how does she do it? She smiled and said, “I have my image to keep up. If I gain a few pounds my clothes don’t fit and everybody notices.”

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